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Hot melt sealing application of common sense

Hot melt sealing application of common sense
Hot melt adhesive binder is a plasticity within a certain temperature range with temperature changes its physical state changes, and the same chemical properties, non-toxic and tasteless, is environmentally friendly chemical products.
Hot melt adhesive hot melt adhesive is the use of hot melt adhesive melted by the heat, melt glue after becoming a liquid, by hot melt glue gun and hot melt tube, to be binding surface, cooling after completion of the hot melt adhesive bonding, it can meet the requirements of carton sealing, and overcome the previous form of carton sealing those flaws.
To play a carton sealing hot melt adhesive in terms of advantages, you must use high-quality and reliable hot melt adhesive corresponding quality performance Boren melters to match.
Hot melt adhesive equipment, the choice of melters, and comprehensive consideration of cost and efficiency. Depending on the speed requirements, packing and sealing in the form of shape, production sites, layout suitable hot melt equipment and pipes, nozzles and auxiliary equipment for automated or semi-automated spray glue, and then play the advantages of hot melt adhesive achieve maximum impact and economic benefits. This aspect can be hot melt machine manufacturers to professional advice, in general, the use of automatic or semi-automatic spray mode manual way to play a significant aspect of the hot melt adhesive sealing speed and cost advantages.

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