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Overview of types and characteristics of the tape

Overview of types and characteristics of the tape
Packaging material refers to packaging containers and packaging, shipping, packaging and decoration, packaging, printing, packaging and general auxiliary materials used in the manufacture of packaging related materials. Packaging materials generally include primary packaging materials and auxiliary packaging materials commonly used paper, metal, wood, plastics, textiles, ceramics, glass, grass, bamboo, rattan, wicker, etc., especially the most complex plastic and metal materials.
    Packaging materials plays an important role in the whole packaging industry, packaging technology is an important foundation for the development, improve the quality of packaging and reduce packaging costs. Therefore, understanding performance, application and development trend of packaging materials, the rational choice of packaging materials, packaging materials expand the sources, the introduction of new packaging materials and processing technology to create new packaging containers and packaging techniques, packaging technology to improve the level of law They have important and far-reaching significance.
First, the performance of packaging materials
    From the functional point of view of modern packaging, packaging materials should have the following several aspects of performance:
        (A) protection performance
    Packaging material should have a certain mechanical strength, changes in temperature, moisture can, waterproof, anti-corrosion, anti-UV penetration, heat, cold, light, oil, etc., but should be no smell of their own, non-toxic, odorless, can protect the contents good material quality.
        (B) operational performance
    Packaging material should have a certain rigidity, heat resistance and anti-static properties, there is a certain smoothness and plasticity, weldability, easy to open, easy processing, easy to fill, easy switching, suitable for automatic packaging machine operation, high production efficiency .
        (C) the added value of performance
    Packing increases the added value of goods, good packaging commodity value and use value greatly. Especially as sales of packaging materials, requiring transparency, surface gloss, so beautiful shape and color, resulting in display effect, in order to increase the value of goods and consumers' desire to buy.
        (Iv) facilitate the use of performance
    No matter what kind of material packaged goods, the basic requirement is easy to open and extract the contents to facilitate re-closing, opening performance, easy to break and damage.
        (V) reduce the cost of performance
    Packaging behind both increased costs and achieving the desired effects, it is not desirable. When what packaging materials and methods practical application selection, in addition to considering the several requirements, it must also consider the cost of saving packaging materials and packaging machinery and equipment costs, labor costs, etc., to use the most suitable materials, to take the most reasonable packaging method to obtain the best results.
        (Vi) the nature of the goods Adaptability
    Packaging, must adapt with the nature of the goods. Such as silk piece goods, either directly in the store to meet with customers, while others are made into clothes or finishing processing plant, the packaging should be different, the former should be made more sophisticated, in order to highlight the characteristics of quality silk, which requires flat cargo does not wrinkle, easy unsealed to facilitate processing factory. Another example is a polyurethane foam-pad technology, is a relatively new scientific and technological achievements, with which you can increase the worth of goods, commodity security protection, but need to use this package individually molded, high cost, and time-consuming, it is currently only used for packaging rare and precious crafts sculptures antique porcelain, and general crafts such as wood carvings, ornaments, etc. are polyethylene and plastic bubble film packaging is sufficient.
    Second, the main characteristics and application of packaging materials
        (A) Paper and paperboard
    Paper and cardboard are the backbone of traditional packaging materials, consumption, wide range of applications, its output value accounted for about 45% of the package's total. Paper and paperboard has the following characteristics:
        1. Have suitable strength, impact resistance and abrasion resistance.
        2. Good sealing, easy to do clean.
        3. Has excellent moldability and folding, ease of using a variety of processing methods, should be mechanized, automated packaging production.
        4. It has the best printability, easy introduction and landscaping products.
        5. Lower prices, and light weight, can reduce packaging costs and transportation costs 6. Easy to handle after use, recyclable, reusable and recycled, will not pollute the environment and conserve resources.
    Paper and cardboard are also some fatal weaknesses, such as the difficulty sealing fastness decline and airtight, moisture resistance, transparency and poor damp, making them subject to certain restrictions on packaging applications.
    Paper and cardboard containers are mainly large cardboard boxes, cartons, Zhitong, paper bags, paper, cans, cups, trays, etc., are widely used in transport packaging good sales package. In the paper packaging container up to an amount of corrugated boxes, accounting for more than 50% of its share. In transport packaging, corrugated boxes are replacing the traditional wooden box, widely used in packaging daily necessities, household appliances, clothing and footwear, fruits and vegetables. Currently, corrugated boxes are being standardized to the specifications, functional specialization, reduce weight, increase strength and other direction. In addition to corrugated boxes, other paper packaging containers used for sales packaging, such as for food, medicine, clothing, toys and other daily necessities packaging. Windowed carton can be made, shake-lid, drawer, fit sets, etc., the surface to be decorated, with good exhibition results. Zhitong durable, it can be dressed granular, massive, powdery goods. A wide variety of paper bags widely used. Cups, trays, paper cans are disposable food packaging due to cheap, lightweight, convenience, health, and is widely used. Usually for small cups containing cold drinks containers. Frozen food packaging trays, both frozen and heated in the microwave oven can be baked. Paper cans made of high-density cardboard, there is a cylindrical, conical, general coating to prevent leakage, for containing beverages, cans have been pure paper currently composed of paper, plastic, aluminum foil composite cans replaced. Pulp molded pulp packaging is directly molded die, dry liner made of materials such as molded plate of eggs for egg packaging, can greatly reduce transport breakage rate. 

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