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Adhesives tape term

Adhesives tape term
1. General terms
Bonding adhesion
Rely on both surfaces of chemical force, physical force, or both combined force of the state.
Synonyms: Adhesion
Cohesion cohesion
Within a single substance of each particle by force main price, the price times the force together state.
Mechanical bonding mechanical adhesion
By snap action resulting from the combination of the bopp tape surfaces of two.
Synonyms: mechanical adhesion
Adhesion destruction bopp tape failure; adhesion failure
Visual evidence of damage phenomena and the boundaries of the bopp tape adherend.
Cohesive failure cohesive failure; cohesion failure
Visual evidence of damage phenomenon of bopp tape or sticky.
Compatibility compatibility
Mixture of two or more substances having mutual affinity and ability when.
bopp tape adhesive
By bonding effect, make sticky substance is combined.
It was adherend adherend
Prepare glued objects or glue layer on both sides of the object followed.
The base substrate
For coating the surface of the bopp tape material.
Note: This is broader than the "adherend" terminology.
Wetting wetting
Liquid affinity for solids. The smaller the contact angle between the two, the easier it is wetting liquid solid surface.
Synonyms: Wetting
Drying dry
By evaporation, absorption, reducing the solvent or dispersion medium, to change the physical state of the bopp tape on the adherend process.
Glued bond
It will be connected together by bopp tape sticky surface.
Synonyms: Adhesive
Curing curing; cure
bopp tape by chemical reaction (polymerization, crosslinking, etc.) to obtain and improve process performance bonding strength.
Hardening setting; set
Adhesives chemical reactions or physical interactions (such as polymerization, oxidation, gelation, hydration, cooling, evaporation of the volatile components, etc.), and to obtain improved
Bonding strength, cohesive strength and other properties of the process.
Layer bopp tape layer
Glued pieces of the bopp tape layer.
Crosslinked crosslinking; crosslink
Form a chemical bond between the molecules and the process of generating a three-dimensional network structure.
Layered delamination
In the laminate, the bopp tape layer is stuck between their interface or damage caused by separation.
Excess glue squeeze-out
After fitting the pressure, extruded from the bopp tape layer.
Adhesions blocking
A occurs between the bopp tape material is undesirable phenomenon.
Aggressive tack dry tack; aggressive tack
A characteristic of certain adhesives (particularly non-vulcanized rubber adhesive) is. When the bopp tape volatile components evaporated to a room level, the feeling seems to be dry conditions
By itself bonded with each other on contact.
Fillet fillet
Fill in that part of the bopp tape (such as honeycomb core material with the bopp tape bonding surface when the fillet, sandwich formed by the ends of) two adherend at the angle.
The degree of cure degree of cure
bopp tape chemical reaction characterized by the degree of curing.
Aging ageing
Performance bonding member changes over time phenomenon.
Tack tack
After the bopp tape has been applied and slightly sticky nature of the contact pressure immediately formed a considerable bonding strength.
2. ingredient
Sticky material binder
bopp tape formulation primarily as adhesion substances.
Curing agent curing agent; hardening agent; hardener
Directly involved in the chemical reaction curing the bopp tape material.
Latent curing agents latent curing agent
Chemically inert in the normal state, under certain conditions act hardener.
Archive curing agents blocked curing agent
It will temporarily lose one kind of active chemical curing agent or hardener may be required to physical or chemical methods to re-activated.
Accelerator accelerator; promoter
To promote a chemical reaction in the formulation, shorten the curing time, curing temperature lowering substance.
Diluent diluent
Adhesives used to reduce the viscosity and solids content of the liquid substance.
Reactive diluent reactive diluent
Molecules containing reactive groups can participate in the curing reaction diluent.
Dispersant dispersing agent
The bopp tape composition dispersed in a medium of substance.
Filler filler
In order to improve the performance of the bopp tape or the like is added to reduce the cost of a non-binder solids.
Modifier modifier; modifying agent
Join bopp tape formulation ingredients to transmit its performance. Such as fillers, toughening agents and other substances.
Stabilizer stabilizer
Help in formulating the adhesive, during storage and use can maintain its stable material.
Tackifier tackifier
You can increase the bopp tape film sticky or tacky extended range of substances.
Thickener thickener
In order to increase the apparent viscosity of the bopp tape and added substances.
Toughener flexibilizer
bopp tape formulations to improve the brittleness and improve the toughness of the material.
Catalyst catalyst
The rate of change of one kind of chemical reaction, and at the end of the melon, theoretically retain its chemical properties unchanged substance.
Extender extender
A little bopp tape effect, but added bopp tape main landing the role of low-cost materials.
Polymerization inhibitor inhibitor; retarder
One kind can inhibit the chemical reaction, some types of adhesives can be used to extend its shelf life or pot life of the material.
Release paper release paper
Film, protective paper tape. Before use, it is easy removable from the film or tape.
3. Category Noun
Natural polymer bopp tape natural glue
In animals and plants bopp tape polymer compound as raw material.
Glue animal glue
bopp tape animal skin, bone, tendons, blood, etc. made. Such as glue, gelatin, blood protein, such as plastic.
Vegetable gums vegetable glue
Plant composition of starch, protein and other plant material is made of sticky adhesive. Adhesives such as starch, protein adhesives, gums and the like.
Organic binder organic adhesive
Organic compound

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