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Provisions of bopp tape product packaging, labeling, transpo

Provisions of bopp tape product packaging, labeling, transportation and storage
This standard applies to bopp tape product packaging, labeling, transportation and storage.
Products include bopp tape glue, film, tape, rubber and pasty products, according to their physical properties, chemical properties and quality requirements separately. General bopp tape products should be treated as general chemicals, flammable, toxic, harmful bopp tape products, protective measures should be taken, according to the transport sector, "Dangerous Goods Code" process.
1 package
1.1 bopp tape products used in packaging materials and bopp tape products should not be physically and chemically and affect the quality of products and packaging.
1.2 bopp tape products can be loaded with containers of metal, plastic or glass material; the tape, film still should use the appropriate and proper isolation layer film packaging to prevent damage. Containers should be intact.
1.3 bopp tape products packaging container containing flammable solvents, must be closed and securely, and in accordance with the development of the Ministry of Railways "dangerous goods transport rules" provisions on packaging.
1.4 hazardous bopp tape products packaging plant should seal stickers.
1.5 solvent-containing bopp tape products into containers, allow the necessary security space within the container.
Packaging over 1.6 packaging bopp tape products should be used in the same packaging in principle.
1.7 reusable containers shall comply with the quality of packaging bopp tape mount new product requirements.
1.8 according to the size of packaging units, packaging can be divided into: packaging, packing and packaging in three.
1.8.1 within the packaging: glass bottles, plastic bottles, ampoules; multilayer aluminum - plastic composite pipe, aluminum, tin metal pipe; feed bags; metal cans.
1.8.2 The form of package: have been packaged in the same type of bopp tape products can be concentrated in the paper tray, wooden box or other container packaging materials to facilitate packaging when packing, unpacking or directly portable. with ampoules, aluminum - plastic multilayer composite pipe and aluminum, tin and other metal pipe, plastic bags for packaging bopp tape products, the packaging should be in a soft liner material.
1.8.3 packaging forms: have been packaged in packaging or bopp tape products can be centrally loaded wooden boxes, corrugated boxes, crates or boxes, etc. through the cage floor full container, inside a soft material filling the gap at the application properly real.
Big Packing bopp tape products can be directly loaded into metal drums in storage and transportation.
1.9 size packaging unit can determine both in ensuring safe storage in accordance with the principle of supply and demand in the transport sector and the relevant provisions.
2 logo
2.1 Each package shall bopp tape products with the mark.
2.2 content of the flag:
2.2.1 Adhesives name brands. A trademark should also be indicated.
2.2.2 production unit name.
2.2.3 The weight of the packaging should indicate the number of packaging.
2.2.4 Production batch number and production date.
2.2.5 instructions.
2.2.6 is flammable, toxic, harmful bopp tape products should be signs of dangerous goods, should be marked GB 190-73 "Dangerous goods packaging sign" of the regulations, and marked "dangerous goods transport regulations" number.
2.2.7 storage period and storage conditions and the necessary icon.
2.2.8 obvious signs should be placed in the position of each bopp tape product packaging.
2.2.9 sign text, graphics must be printed clearly and tidy. In addition to the production batch number and production date can be labeled and print method, other content can not use standard playing, writing and other means. Paste must be strong and clear and intact.
2.2.10 Each lot of bopp tape when the product delivery units shall be accompanied by quality certificate.
2.2.11 Where the container when the package is too small can not accommodate the contents of the flag, the contents of paragraph 2.2.5 - 2.2.7 can also be indicated in the packaging.
3 Transport and storage
3.1 bopp tape products before storage and transport containers complete fulfillment does not leak out.
8.2 transport, handling bopp tape products should be handled with care. For bopp tape products containing flammable solvents to prevent vibration, impact, pressure, friction and inversion. During operation non-sparking, away from fire and heat sources, should set the necessary fire-fighting equipment.
3.3 bopp tape product transport and storage, stacking batches must be classified according to their nature.
3.4 warehousing bopp tape products, the Ministry should implement the relevant provisions of "Warehouse Fire Safety Management Code," the.
3.5 Storage bopp tape products have different temperature, humidity, light, ventilation, etc., should be in accordance with the respective storage conditions required for storage. During transport requirements Jincang storage.
3.6 Where a shelf life of bopp tape products in specified storage conditions, while clearly defined shelf life, shelf life will be from the date of the date of production of bopp tape products, bopp tape products over the storage period according to their technical conditions treated.
4 standard complementary part
4.1 Where matters not covered in this standard can be used as supplementary provisions in the relevant product standard, or in ensuring the quality and bopp tape products storage and transportation security in accordance with the principles of the relevant provisions of the agreement to resolve shipping and receiving.

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