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In order to use our home renewable chemical plastic bucket

In order to use our home renewable chemical plastic bucket
    Chemical plastic bucket is easy molding processing, plastic barrels and rich chemical raw materials, so it is widely used, can even replace some wood products, fabricated metal products. After the plastic is widely used, the biggest problem is the consequent chemical recycling plastic bucket. After the plastic has the characteristics of damage difficult to repair, difficult to be recycled, burned, then it will release harmful gases, buried, then extremely difficult to break down, but also cause soil pollution. The recycled plastic can be recycled, it is typical of environmentally friendly materials, in line with the current trend of low-carbon and environmental protection. Recycled plastics will usher in the spring of development, has entered a golden period of development.
    Oil is a non-renewable resources, faced with increasing depletion of crisis, and plastic raw materials are petroleum-based chemical products, so the recycled plastic recycling can reduce the exploitation of oil, saving oil play a role, we can say the equivalent of recycled plastic oil regeneration. According to statistics, every recycling one ton of waste plastic chemical barrels, equivalent to saving five tons of oil, 3.75 tons of carbon dioxide emissions. In addition, recycled plastics waste plastics can also greatly reduce the pollution of the environment, and therefore valued in each country, is a waste plastic recycling industry benefits the country.

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