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Several health plastic bucket occur when processing

Several health plastic bucket occur when processing
    Our company is a professional manufacturer of plastic barrels, plastic barrels for the study of our company is more in-depth, small series to introduce several health of several plastic bucket appears in the processing, we must pay attention to when buying.
    1, the lack of material in plastics processing, since the cavity fill discontent, leading to incomplete plastic parts shape incomplete phenomenon.
    2, burrs burrs during molding, overflow into the gap between the die clamping surface and keep the plastic parts of the remaining material.
    3. A linear traces of weld marks plastic surface, the Department of injection or extrusion by a number of streams in the desert with a split feed confluent, the melt is not completely fused at the interface with each other can not be fused into one, resulting in fused blot , visual quality and mechanical properties of plastic parts.
    4, wave and current flow marks due to the inadequate melt in the mold cavity, causing plastic parts to produce ring-shaped table, spiral or cloudy waveform uneven defects.
    Later, when we buy a plastic tub important to note that the above phenomenon we must all do not buy. In addition to also remind all technical personnel in the production must pay attention to every detail must be noted that the production of customer satisfaction with products and services. Our company's products are basically not occur over several phenomena, we have strict checks on each procedure, welcome customers to buy.

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