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Preferred plastic garbage bins

Preferred plastic garbage bins
       Plastic trash is clean, sanitation products used in many industries, to the city, district health, public places bring clean, hygienic and environmentally friendly. It is in real life everywhere in an environmentally friendly product, in China there are about more than 500 million trash in use, of which 66% is metal, wooden trash can, can be special only recycled plastic trash 30% of plastic trash there is a big space. Let's look at it
    Its main features:
    1, acid and alkali, corrosion resistance, weather resistance;
    2, Delivery port rounded design, safe and liqueur;
    3, smooth surface, reducing waste residue, easy to clean;
    4, can be set upon each other to facilitate the transportation, saving space and cost;
    5, can be used within the range of -30 ℃ ~ 65 ℃ temperature;
    6, there are a variety of color choices, with a heart can be classified according to demand;
    7, widely used in a variety of environments, but can be used for waste collection, such as property, factories, sanitation, etc;
    8, the product is recyclable and will not cause pollution to our environment.

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