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How to identify 20 liters plastic bucket material

How to identify 20 liters plastic bucket material
    20 l plastic bucket belonging to medium size plastic barrels, plastic barrels of medium size general approach taken by the blow made. For 20 liters plastic bucket material to identify methods that you have to understand it?
    Some people consulted a 20 liter plastic bucket at the bottom of the triangle logo has an Arabic numeral 2, is representative of what does it mean? Actually very simple, when the bottom 20 liters plastic bucket inside the triangular numbers "2", the representative of 20 liters plastic bucket is the main component of high-density polyethylene, referred to as HDPE. Such plastic barrels than the melting point of PET plastic barrels higher, but the heat can not reach 100 ℃. HDPE itself is non-toxic. But the production of such plastic bucket used during the processing of some or modified additives, such as fillers, stabilizers or pigments, additives, components of these materials contain harmful substances, so that after the use of such plastic bucket or not when the storage container other items.
    About this, the need to pay attention to when selecting items according to bloom, to determine 20 liters plastic bucket material, our company can follow your request for production, while providing relevant inspection certificate.

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